Mark Wilson's MBA Essay

The Person behind the appication.


July, 2017

Applies for the Tippie College of Business MBA Program

This essay is setup as a website posting some achievements throughout the 2017 year, a small bio page, and my Resume.

The website is using the Amazon Web Service (AWS) to distribute the front end of the website. Specifically, I’m using the Cloudfront Service . The Simple Storage Solution (S3) is housing my static html templates and pictures.

The static HTML template is provided by HTML 5 UP and designed by @ajlkn. HTML 5 UP provides free templates for website creation by the Creative Common Licences

June, 2017

Surviving Another
Scoring Peak

Pearson, aside from textbook publishing, is known mainly for the implementation and scoring of standardized exams. Most exams are implemented in Spring, and the learners need their scores in a timely manner. Therefore, our peak time is in Spring - and it requires extra work to provide data for our scoring projects.

During peak, my two main tasks are to provide data to the project stakeholders and ensure scorers are scoring. My first obligation requires me to watch the server resources and work closely with our programmer to ensure our automated reports to be delivered in time without errors. Server resources are easily pushed because of the amount of reports that need to deliver can easily double on a weekly basis. The latter obligation requires me to ensure scorers are set up on the correct item and role. Most of our scorers are distributed (work from home), so we need to monitor their productivity and accuracy.

To achieve my tasks, I work with two teams: Scoring Services Project Support and Client Services Planning and Forecasting. The latter team used to be with Scoring Services and I’m a Lead in Project Support. In Project Support, I create daily processes that I expect team members to complete or I will be an answer point for them when questions arise. I will also represent my team when talking with other groups or external companies. I work with two software developers in Planning and Forecasting. We work together on a database to ensure we can provide reports and data to our internal customers.

June 25, 2017

Made My First
Five Gallons of Beer

Beer making has been a small hobby of mine for a few years. I’ve mostly been making 1 gallon batches, but I decided to make a 5 gallon batch for the first time. I bottled the beer after four weeks of fermentation (two weeks in primary and two weeks in secondary fermentation). It took two weeks to bottle condition. It’s now ready to drink. It’s an Irish Red Ale.

I became interested in brewing after receiving a gallon beer kit for Christmas. I showed no inclination to brew before the kit. My first beer I brewed was a Brown Ale, and it was quite tasty. I would order a recipe kit every few months and brew it when I had time. The hobby is nice because it’s very passive. It requires a few hours of work, but 90% percent of the time the beer just needs to be left alone. The yeast does most of the work.

July 15, 2017


My girlfriend and I moved into a house we are renting. Before the move we lived in separate apartments. July has been a stressful month with the end of my busy season and the move. Luckily, she and I have managed with little no major incidences. We are enjoying living in a house after years of living in apartments.

She lived in a one room studio apartment, and I lived in a one bedroom garden level apartment.Neither of us had a backyard or too much space. The house is an upgrade with the extra space, and it’s also in a more residential neighborhood.

February, 2017

Learning Violin!

I picked up the violin for the first time this year. When I was younger, I had no interest in playing instruments. Most of my family, including my sister, were more talented than I in music. In high school, I had an accident which caused my left hand to not work correctly thereafter--I ripped a tendon in my ring finger. Since the accident, I’ve become more cognizant of my left hand.

I always felt musical instruments would be out of my range of skill sets--this could very well be true, but I decided to give it a go and try to learn violin. I chose violin since it’s a small instrument, and I felt I could develop better finger dexterity. I’m far from good while playing, but I have made progress. I can play a few famous pieces: “Row Row Row Your Boat”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.